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DARKY DALE FOREST STABLES is set in a beautiful location in the forested hills between Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys in Mid Wales,  almost equidistant between Knighton and Craven arms and Ludlow. The stables are situated in the most idyllic forestry setting allowing customers to enjoy miles of off road riding around the forest with long grass tracks for those who fancy a gallop. Gina Collinson and her qualified staff have a wealth of experience in tuition of all aspects of horse riding and related activities. As well as trekking from her back door she is installing a manege which will be floodlit so as to extend tuition hours when required. There are a good selection of horses and ponies ranging from 10hh to 17hh so there is something for everyone. All the horses have been trained by Gina and her team to ensure that you have a fabulous riding experience to remember. They offer a variety of riding experiences from 30 minute treks to all day pub rides, lessons, childrens pony days and horse shares so everyones desires can be catered for at Darky Dale Forest Stables,

All ages and all levels of ability are catered for. Prices and details can be found on the Booking and Prices page.


  1. I don’t know if you remember me at all? I am a friend of Carolyn’s (Chesshire) and am usually to be found taking the entries at the Pilleth show or the Fun Ride.

    Two things: I have two holiday cottages and people sometimes ask about the nearest pony trekking. Up until now, I have always pointed them in the direction of Underhills, but it is quite a way away. Would you be interested in my putting your details on my website and maybe sending some custom your way?

    Secondly; my little horse has been sadly lacking in gaining ‘experience’ in the last four or five years, mostly due to injuries and operations (mine). He has basic knowledge of most things and recently we’ve been to training sessions with William Blane at Lucton to teach him the art of jumping. I generally hack him, though he has a natural ability at lateral school work, is very handsome, fat and forward going, though has a tendency to expect large scary monsters behind hedges – just like a normal pony really.

    He is a 15 hh lusitano x fell and 14 yrs old, with the experience of a 6 year old. I feel that it would do him the world of good to be ridden by a confident teenager for a little while, but don’t know any! Would you either know of any suitable rider who wants to borrow a horse for summer camp or something like that? Or whose own horse is out of action? I am horribly precious about him so would be quite picky about the potential rider.

    ….just a thought!

    Thank you and I shall look forward to your reply,


    Becky (Whitton) Sherman
    The Squire Farm Holiday Cottages
    Chapel Lawn
    SY7 0BW

    01547 530530
    07957 870378


  2. Hi I was wondering if you be interested in loaning a pony she 14 1hh section d mare the person who rides her is having a baby and I want to loan her for 12 months she is not for sale thank you patricia

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